martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

[ 16 de Mayo de 2009 ] [ I'm back... fakinfakinjoum ]

(...) And your mama comes and hits you
with a plastic telephone
and she's gone and told you
you're not even home
and she has called you
On that telephone
Your mum said you weren't home
She called you on the telephone
Your mum told you weren't home
Oh mama what did you do?
She thinks I'm with her.

I'm gonna get blue
I'm gonna cut my throat
I'm gonna smash my head
I'm gonna jump into the bath
I'm gonna lie in bed

Well anyway that never happened
because... one day:
Religion came to stay
oh yeah, religion come to stay
oh yeah, bad vibes they've gone all away.

Religion came to stay
all right what you tell rastafar
I tell you god there in the heaven
and he looks after you
and that's what they say.

Well I'm telling you from
the Southern United States of America
that god and christ are in your body
and they're living with you.

Dominus, vosbicum etu
spiritu tuum...

All right, let's pray!
Let us pray!
Po po po
Let us pray!
A ja ja ja
Let us pray!
Baby pray for us

Jesus Christ:
won't you pray for us?

I think we're there
Oh, no maybe not
(doesn't matter)
keep on well you know
These songs get kinda long
especially when they call me on the telephone.
Well I've been thinking about things
But I've forgotten of what I thought
so I think I'll just go on and sing this.
Oh baby stand by me
Oh no no
No woman no cry
Oh no, no...
¡La rubia tarada!...

[ "Hello, Frank" - SUMO ]

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